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Indians should be honored to be named a NFL team. GET OVER IT!
White girls, they are just, you know, ugh, i cant even,
I want to be that dude!
Eyebrows are so underrated.
Awww rabbits are so cute... Really? Ever get bit by one???
Taco bell is not a toilets best friend
Laziness winner of the week
Down south things really dont need to make sense.
Now you will not be able to stop staring at his stupid mouth
Awww, poor idiot.
someone has wayyyy too much time on their hands
I would bet this check is going to bounce
Kids say the best things sometimes.
RIP little guy.
We are having a baby! And also a cat apparently...
No delivery? Eh, I got this

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Wasps. Just total assholes.
Fish? what fish? ohh yea, yea jk I knew the whole time
You dont mess with Chuck Norris,
"Catpet" - Cat Carpet
Crazy tiger trying to copy this weird cat...
Texting while stupid is dangerous
Cash flow, This guy must have a butt load.
Should never trust a fart. Ever.
Remember when Aaron Hernandez had it all? Dumbass.
Makeup is not for everyone.
Excuses, just need one that makes sense.
Real women dont weigh 90 lbs.
Woah... Crazy bendability. Yea its a word.
Math is not for the dumb.

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Cats are stupid
No fair, she will just think that perv baby is being cute...
Never trust a fart. I know from experience.
this is one bad ass owl
Cats rule, Dogs drool
Texting while stupid is dangerous
Bieber is a punk
1 tool + 1 tool = This.
Haircuts can make such a difference
You dont mess with Chuck Norris,
Eat a Snickers
Red bull
Gas prices
I never exercise
Some people. And everyone in Politics...