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Great idea. Where can I get these??
That poor watermelon, what did he do to deserve this???
When you cant find a beach, improvise...
Hottie from Russia. Find him!
Wow check out all this hot garbage.
Not sure this is even a girl,...
Russian dating sites are pretty awesome
The only rain boots that are sure to keep your feet soaked
Not everyone is a great inventor.
Think about it for a second...
White trash gourmet meal
Will Ferrell knows his shit
Vick doesnt wana go to Oakland, so he goes to the circus town NY Jets?
No need to explain, AWESOME VAN BRO!
Dumb. Just dumb. Sooooooooo DUMB!
Screw bum fights, I like baby fights!!!!

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You dont mess with Chuck Norris,
"Catpet" - Cat Carpet
Crazy tiger trying to copy this weird cat...
Eat a Snickers
Remember when Aaron Hernandez had it all? Dumbass.
Cats are stupid
Math is not for the dumb.
Morpheus has a gigantic nose
I never exercise
Should never trust a fart. Ever.
this is one bad ass owl
Havent you ever seen TMNT? Hero

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Fish? what fish? ohh yea, yea jk I knew the whole time
Bieber is a punk
Obama, so many lies and so many failed promises, Too bad...
Lebron would get torched by MJ!
Too bad you can
Beiber, go to jail. Have a good time.
What you all actually look like. Ok, not all, but MOST!
Should never trust a fart. Ever.
Alcohol abuse is such a tragic thing.
Me every time I wash a spoon
T.H.O. if you know its guna be cold, wear this shirt.
Tim Horton, I swear there is crack in this coffee.
Photo shop? I duno, either way I like it.
Some people. And everyone in Politics...